Early Childhood Education

What does the Early Childhood Education program offer my child?

Pre-school & Kindergarten for the Deaf ages 2-6 years: Early identification and education are critical to the deaf child's speech, language, academic and psycho-social skills development. The preschool endeavours to assist parents by providing early education and support/guidance for their deaf children, as well as family members. School curriculum is similar to that of regular kindergartens, but sign language is used as the medium of communication.

Deaf children with multiple disabilities ages 2 and above: Many Deaf children have multiple disabilities ie. Deafblindness, Deafness and Autism, Deafness and Intellectual Disabilities, Deafness with Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD), Deafness with Cerebral Palsy/Orthopedic involvement or other Physical Disabilities which required more attention and support in education programming. Deaf children with multiple disabilities are also included into the Pre-school & Kindergarten programmes with Individualized Education Programme (IEP) to develop their ability to function as independently as possible in the place of residence, the community, the classroom, and eventually on the job.

Integrated programme for hearing siblings ages 2-4 years: Hearing children aged 2-4 are integrated into the pre-school programme with their deaf siblings to expose and orientate them to the language and the world of the deaf.

Language Development & Vocational Programme for illiterate Deaf children ages 8 and above: Many deaf adults who have had no basic education at all, have come forward to undergo primary education and at the same time acquire some employable skills, such as baking, cooking, sewing.

What can the program offer me as a parent?

Sign Language programme for parents and family members: In 1993, the school saw a need to expand the curriculum further by implementing Parents Programme. It is compulsory for parents to receive short lessons during the school week so that they may became proficient in signing and be able to communicate effectively with their children.