Other Programme/Activities

  • Public Awareness

    Deaf Awareness Talk/ Workshops/ Forums, SSD Open Day, Sign Language Courses for the Public.
  • Fund-raising Project

    Public food bazaar, raffles draw, jogathon, charity dinner and others.
  • Outreach Programme

    The outreach program reaches out to Deaf individuals and their families in rural areas and the interior communities through home visits and mission trips.
  • Welfare Assistance

    Assistance in handling various welfare documentation/ services and official applications for the Deaf. i.e. Orang Kurang Upaya (OKU) card, Elaun Pekerja Cacat (EPC), Bantuan Warga Tua, health assistance, bank loan applications, counselling, JPJ license application and other financial assistance.
  • Training

  • Job Placement for the Deaf

    Arranging job interviews for potential candidates, matching job seeking candidates with suitable jobs, job coaching and job training.
  • Interpreting service for the Deaf

    The SSD team of interpreters is made up of experienced signers equipped with decades of sign language experience and expertise. The society is highly familiar with the interpretation of ASL (American Sign Language), SEE (Signing Exact English), KTBM (Kod Tangan Bahasa Malaysia) and BIM (Bahasa Isyarat Malaysia).

The society interprets for various occasions and events:

  1. Business negotiations
  2. Meetings
  3. Conferences
  4. Conventions
  5. Presentation
  6. Annual dinners
  7. Speeches
  1. Counselling sessions
  2. Social gatherings
  3. Hospital/Medical Appointments
  4. Court Proceedings
  5. Police Investigation
  6. Other informal meetings
  7. Personal appointments